ipmobile.me privacy policy

Privacy Policy

At ipmobile, your data is important to us. The policy details what data we (only temporarily) collect, and the cookies ipmobile.me uses.

Collection of Data

All data collected by mobileip is completely non-personally identifiable. We have to generate your IP address. In order to that, standard measures are taken including: the online-name of your internet service provider, some computer settings including screen resolution, and a non-specific indicator of your geographic location (i.e. the nearest city connected to your IP). mobileip.io does not build individualized profiles of its end users based on any of this information.

None of our data will be given to third party advertisers or other services. The only data ipmobile will share with third party services is to Google Analytics. We simply use google analytics and to help identify issues there may be with mobileip.io's service.


When visiting mobileip.io Google Analytics will generate a "cookieā€¯.

Cookies are entirely optional. Browsers typically has built-in features to disable cookies.